3-Pack Of 4Pcs Anti Vibration Washing Machine Universal Fixed Non-Slip Rubber Feet Pads


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Short Description:
Type: Rubber Feet Pads
Origin: China
Material: Rubber
Color: Grey & Black
Quantity: 3 Packs of 4 Pcs each (Total 12 Pcs)
Size: Universal
Shape: Round
Product Description:
Introducing Anti-Vibration Feet Pads, now available in convenient packs of three, each containing four pads. Perfect for all types of surfaces, whether wet, uneven, or inclined, these pads are designed to adjust the balance of your appliances and furniture, preventing slipping and providing wear-resistant shock absorption. Crafted from high-quality pneumatic grade rubber, with a honeycomb contact surface, these pads effectively reduce noise and vibration, ensuring a peaceful environment for you and your neighbors.
With a capacity to withstand over 1 ton of weight, these pads are built to last, boasting a service life of up to 20 years. Their universal size makes them suitable for all washers, dryers, refrigerators, tables, sofas, beds, and other furniture brands. The smoother the floor, the stronger and more stable the grip.
Cleaning is a breeze with these pads, as they also elevate appliances and furniture to prevent them from getting wet, simplifying your cleaning routine. Protect your floors from scratches and damage caused by unnecessary movement with our stable-grip pedestals, offering a simple yet effective solution to avoid costly repairs. Invest in our Anti-Vibration Feet Pads and enjoy peace of mind knowing your floors and appliances are well-protected.
What’s in the box: 3 x Packs of 4 Pcs Rubber Feet Pads
Weight: 0.5
SKU: 240313101607


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