3D Tear Proof Inflatable Leak Proof Punching Bag For Kids


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Short Description:
Product Type: Punching Bag
Color: Multicolor
Design: Random
Inflatable: Yes
Material: Vinyl
Age range: 3 years and above
Dolphin : 38″ x 24″ (97cm x 61cm)
Dinosaur: 37″ x 24″ (94cm x 61cm)
Tiger : 38.5″ x 17.5″ (98cm x 44cm)
Product Description:
This 3D punching bag is made from high-quality and durable materials that are resilient, tear-proof, and leak-proof.
Kids can enjoy punching their new friends in their free time, keeping them away from digital distractions and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.
To set up, simply fill the bottom area with water and the top part with air using an electronic pump.
Parents can easily inflate, deflate, and store it in the tiniest spaces.
Kids can hit the punching bag as hard as possible without injuring themselves. Sock it, bop it, punch it – it won’t hit back!
This standing inflatable bop bag toy is safe and won’t hurt their hands.
It can take all the karate chops, punches, and kicks your child can throw, bouncing right back up.
Punching bags are known for improving hand-eye coordination, motor skills, dexterity, reflexes, and strength,
making this toy great for physical activity and exercise.
Boys and girls can develop new skills and practice popular sports like wrestling, karate, and youth boxing without needing boxing gloves.
This indoor and outdoor toy is perfect for children’s birthday activities and learning self-defense.
Easily Inflatable
Heavy duty PVC
Leak Proof
Environmentally Safe
Safe for Kids
Water Weighted Base
Age 3 to 8 Years
What’s in the box: 1 x 3D Punching bag for Kids
Weight: 0.4
SKU: 44670


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