500ml High-Quality Stainless-Steel Covered Smart Glass Oil Bottle


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Short Description:
Type: Oil Bottle
Origin: China
Color: As Shown
Material: SS-Steel+Glass
Capacity: 500ml
Special Features: Airtight, Dishwasher-Safe
Ideal For: Kitchen Use
Quantity: 1 PC
Product Description:
Introducing our 500ml Oil Bottle, a perfect combination of functionality and elegance. This high-quality bottle features a stainless steel shell, providing anti-fall and abrasion resistance. The surface drawing process adds a delicate texture and ensures the oil doesn’t stick, making it easy to clean and highly wear-resistant.
Crafted with lead-free glass, this bottle guarantees transparency while prioritizing health and environmental protection. The bump shading design offers an anti-slip grip, ensuring stability during use. The seal ring, made of safe and tasteless raw silica gel, provides a soft and delicate touch, preventing aging and ensuring better sealing.
Featuring a precision refining kettle mouth, our oil dispenser is equipped with a small spout that concentrates the oil column, preventing any unwanted leaks. The air control design ensures precise pouring, promoting health and accurate measurements. With our no-drip pouring mechanism, you can easily pour oil without any mess.
The oil bottle is designed to be easy to clean and wear-resistant, ensuring long-lasting durability. Its versatile nature allows it to hold a variety of liquids, from soy sauce to balsamic vinegar and olive oil, making it ideal for both home kitchens and restaurants.
With a streamlined bottle body and a creative double-layer design, combining glass and stainless steel, this olive oil bottle exudes elegance and generosity. The precise bonding of the inner glass and outer stainless steel enhances safety. The small and lovely bottle mouth provides control over the amount of sauce, making it a practical and powerful tool for oil and vinegar dispensing.
In summary, our 500ml Oil Bottle offers durability, safety, and practicality. Its combination of stainless steel and lead-free glass creates a sophisticated and eco-friendly design. With its versatile features, it’s a perfect addition to your dining table, center table, and kitchen counter.
What’s in the box: 1 x Oil Bottle
Weight: 0.4
SKU: 230818090428


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