Easy Grip Stainless-Steel Mini Knife Sharpening Tool


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Short Description:
Type: Knife Sharpener
Origin: China
Color: Silver
Material: SS-Steel
Grip: Plastic
Size: 19cm x 3cm approx
Features: Multifunctional, Rust-proof, Non-slip Bottom
Quantity: 1PC
Product Description:
The knife sharpener is very convenient and safe.
The modern form and streamlined design ensure a flawless appearance.
The non-slip ergonomic handle provides maximum comfort when sharpening knives and guarantees safety and stability.
Using a mechanical knife Grinder will save your efforts, time, nerves, and money.
Sharp your kitchen knives, for sharpening knives in restaurants, strong your garden tools e.g. file and plane, easy carry at good for quick your knife outdoor
Can opener, peeler, garlic press, knife grinder, pizza cutter, walnut chop, bottle opener, etc can be sharpened by using this super cool tool!
Install the knife blade between the sharpening discs.
It is enough to draw a knife 5–7 times along the gutter in one direction toward you with a little effort.
What’s in the box: 1 x Knife Sharpener
Weight: 0.2
SKU: 230713112227


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