Electric Clothes Lint Remover Fuzz Shaver For Clothes Sweater Replaceable Blade


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⦁ Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
⦁ Use: Neatening/Storage
⦁ Charging Time: 8-9 Hours
⦁ Usage: Woolen Clothes
⦁ Material: ABS
⦁ Production: TRIMMER
⦁ Feature: Eco-Friendly
Product Description:
1. Your clothing, upholstery and linen need a fabric shaver to get rid of lint. We have the best lint removers in its lineup that give remarkable performance. Now it is offering a lint/fabric remover on discounted rates that is a must have tool at home. “Lint Remover” removes lint efficiently and gives a brand-new look to your clothes.
2. Switch it on and slide this device over the fabric to wipe out small threads and unnecessary hair or pieces of lint. There is a removable lint storeroom is attached with this tool that contains all these debris. Once it gets full, it can be emptied and washed easily by detaching from the shaver. The Lint Remover has robust triple-Cutters system for working on all type of stuff including wool as well.
What’s in the box: 1 x Clothes Lint Remover 1 x Brush
Weight: 0.4
SKU: 200219071149


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