Ems Multi-Purpose Fitness Abdominal Muscle Trainer Home Electric Belly Exercises Machine


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Short Description:
Type: Fitness Belt
Origin: China
Color: Random
Material: ABS/Plastic/PU Leather/Silicone
Size: 21x21x2.3cm approx
Using Mode: A-F ( 6 modes )
Frequency: 1~100Hz
Working current: max.9.8mA
Working Time: 12mins(per installation time)
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Power Supply: 2-AAA batteries (per controller) (not included)
Gender: Unisex
Product Description:
Introducing our revolutionary product, a powerful and integrated micro-electric device that utilizes EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology, AIC artificial intelligence chip technology, and ICS intelligent control technology. This lightweight and portable device offers adjustable intensity levels and wireless remote control. With just 30 minutes a day for three months, target your abs, arms, and legs for noticeable muscle changes. Experience the transformative effects of EMS technology and achieve your fitness goals conveniently. Suitable for both men and women, our product provides comprehensive muscle stimulation and relief for shoulder, waist, and back tightness. Shape your body effortlessly with our innovative and versatile solution.
What’s in the box: 3 x Controllers, 1 x Abdominal Muscle Sticker, 2 x Arm Stickers, 1 x User Manual
Weight: 0.2
SKU: 230619060409


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