High-Efficiency USB Sunset Projector Lamp With 16-Color LED And Remote Control


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Short Description:
Product: Sunset Lamp
Origin: China
Color: Black
Material: ABS
Size: 39×11.4×8.5cm (approx)
Light Source: LED
Power: 5W
Features: Angle Adjustable, Rotatable, High Light Efficiency
Remote Control: Yes
Product Description:
Elevate your social media game with the latest trend – Sun Projection Lamps! Perfect for creating stunning content on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and more, these lamps bring warmth, happiness, and dreamy nostalgia to your space. Grab your tripod and immerse yourself in a world of deep warm colors, transforming your exclusive space into a dreamy destination.
Feel the romantic vibes as the Sunset Lamp bathes your room in a magical glow. No need to wait for a beautiful sunset – with just a click, you can have it right before your eyes! Live in a dream and spend a chill day under the warm sun.
Adjust the size and shape of the halo with the rotating light, creating amazing colored circular lights on walls, ceilings, and floors. Ideal for family celebrations, garden parties, or any special occasion, this lamp is the perfect birthday or housewarming gift. It’s also great for children’s rooms or bedrooms.
The LED Sunset Lamp rotates 180° for different effects, allowing you to customize the angle and distance for the perfect visual experience. Use the remote control to switch between 16 colors and adjust the brightness. The lights cast stunning sunset hues, bringing your family and kids joy.
Crafted from high-quality aluminum and featuring an HD crystal lens, the Sunset Lamp is stable, energy-saving, corrosion-resistant, anti-glare, and durable. This lamp creates the perfect atmosphere, whether in a hotel, showroom, coffee shop, restaurant, bedroom, or living room.
Enjoy high light efficiency, angle adjustability, soft flicker-free light, and low energy consumption with the Sunset Lamp. Elevate your space and capture the magic of a sunset anytime, anywhere!
What’s in the box: 1 x Sunset Lamp. 1 x Remote Control
Weight: 0.4
SKU: 240115121617


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