KB-1200 Multi-Functional 12.5L Capacity The Chef Air Fryer


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Short Description:
Type: Air Fryer
Origin: China
Manufacturer: Nineshield
Model: KB-1200
Color: Black
Capacity: 12.5L
Power: 1800W
Input Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz
Temperature Setting: 0″C to 200″C (within 60 min, timer & gato shut-off)
Dimensions: 380x380x490mm approx
Weight: 10KG approx
Product Description:
Nine Shield 12.5L oil-free fryer KB-1200 has a power of 1800W to help fry food quickly and has a large capacity of up to 12.5L, then you can fry more food without needing to cook.
Using oil helps you have a delicious meal while ensuring safety for the whole family’s health.
With a special operating mode that uses Rapid air vacuum heating technology, it does not produce smoke, reduces odors in food compared to conventional fryers, and makes maximum use of hot air to fry, bake food, and cook food.
This gas will reach 200 degrees Celsius, can cook food in the fastest time without drying, and still retain the amount of water and taste of the food.
Nine Shield 12.5L KB-1200 oil-free fryer, with modern technology, also helps to reduce up to 80% of the fat and grease in food, then you can comfortably enjoy delicious dishes without fear of being burned, obesity, cancer, or high cholesterol.
The oil-free fryer has an outer shell made of high-strength, high-strength, heat-resistant PP plastic, which is easy to clean both inside and outside the pot.
Nine Shield oil-free fryer uses ceramic material and the frying compartment is made of aluminum alloy coated with a hard oxidation layer to help food when processed not burn, and is easy to clean after use.
Especially with the harmonious combination between the solid plastic block touch button and the transparent see-through, you can feel the food is gradually cooked.
The combination of rapidly circulating hot air and a grilling element ensures optimal results.
This type of cooking saves time and power and is particularly low in fat.
What’s in the box: 1 x Air Fryer
Weight: 10
SKU: 230525074712


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