Multi-Layer Medicine Storage Organizer First Aid Box


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Short Description:
Type: First Aid-Box
Origin: China
Material: High-Quality Plastic
Size: 19 x 14 x 12cm approx.
Color: White
Shape: Rectangular
Opening Mechanism: Lift Off Lid
Purpose: Storage Box Organizer
Product Description:
Introducing our premium household double-layer medicine box, a meticulously designed storage solution for all your medical essentials.
Simplify your medication management with our innovative and durable product, tailored to meet your every need.
Efficiently store and organize a variety of medicines with the built-in partition, ensuring hassle-free access and effortless sorting.
The transparent cover provides clear visibility of the contents, allowing you to quickly locate the required medication.
Crafted from robust, long-lasting plastic material, our medicine box is not susceptible to aging, ensuring its enduring strength and durability.
The sealed buckle design on both sides guarantees protection against moisture, safeguarding your valuable medical supplies.
Equipped with a convenient hand-held design and a compact structure, this medicine box is effortlessly portable, allowing you to carry it with ease wherever you go.
The double-layer configuration aids in the systematic categorization of medicines, preventing any disorderliness and ensuring a neat and organized storage solution.
The product’s rugged, lightweight construction ensures stability, while its pressure and wear-resistant attributes contribute to its longevity.
Rest assured, our product is odor-free and poses no harm to you or your family.
What’s in the box: 1 x First Aid Box
Weight: 0.2
SKU: 231029102216


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