Multifunction Durable Heavy Duty Non-Slip Stainless Steel Walnut Opener


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Type: walnut opener
Origin: China
Material: Stainless Steel
Colour: Silver
Fit for: walnut, hickory, and other dried fruits
Product Description:
V-shape funnel design can prevent shell debris splashing.
This Multifunctional Walnut opener ot only cracks walnuts or hazelnuts.
This walnut opener is also ideal as a bottle opener or bottles with screw caps and crown corks.
Diameters from 2 cm to 4.5 cm approx.
Spring loaded design, cracking nuts easily without much power.
Made of high quality zinc alloy.
This 3 function walnut opener is heavy and robust. Thanks to the partly rubberised handles
the walnut opener lies particularly well and easy to grip in the hand.
Thanks to the spring in the pliers handle, the walnut opener automatically spreads apart after pressing.
Gastro item in catering quality from a German specialist retailer.
Durable design
Very useful and effortless
While gently a clip, you can easily enjoy healthy delicious nuts
Suitable for large walnut, small walnut, walnut
Simple and convenient, for young and old
No slip, high press, saving time and energy
What is in the box: 1 x Walnut Opener
Weight: 0.4
SKU: 221111063741


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