Pack Of 2 High-Quality Silicone Finger Trainer Comfortable And Easy Grip Hand Strengthener


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Short Description:
Type: Finger Trainer
Origin: China
Material: Silicone
Levels: 3(13,17,21LB)
Operation: Manual
Features: Easy to Use, Comfortable
Quantity: 2 Pcs
Product Description:
The Silicone Finger Trainer is a high-quality hand strengthener designed for comfort and durability. Made from silicone material, it is built to last and withstand extended use. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit, making it ideal for various hand-related conditions such as carpal tunnel, arthritis, finger pain, and hand rehabilitation.
This finger exerciser is perfect for physical therapy and finger tension training, providing relief and improved strength for individuals seeking hand rehabilitation. It’s especially beneficial for pianists, guitarists, golfers, and mountaineers who require finger dexterity and strength.
The trainer features an easy-to-use, comfortable handle that is expandable, allowing you to conveniently exercise whether at work or during leisure time. Whether you need decompression, muscle strengthening, or simply want to improve your finger grip, this Silicone Finger Trainer is an interesting and effective solution.
What’s in the box: 2 x Finger Trainers
Weight: 0.3
SKU: 231210112646


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