Set of 2 Soft Silicone Massage Bath Brushes with Soap Dispenser and Easy-Clean Design


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Short Description:
Type: Massage Bath Brush
Origin: China
Color: Random
Material: Food Grade Silicone
Capacity: 80ml (liquid not included)
Package Size: 84mm x 60mm x 84mm
Weight: 103g
Application: Suitable for bath and cleaning off stains on the skin
Quantity: 2 Pcs
Product Description:
Introducing our unique Silicone Bath Brush Body Scrubber with an integrated soap dispenser, combining convenience and functionality for an unparalleled bathing experience. Crafted from premium silicone material, this brush ensures a soft and safe touch, gently exfoliating and massaging your skin.
Designed with both comfort and practicality in mind, the round and hand-sized brush is easy to grip and can be effortlessly cleaned with hot or running water. The built-in hook allows for convenient hanging, drying, and storage, ensuring a hygienic solution for your bathing routine.
This high-quality silicone body brush boasts a unique design that not only provides a soothing massage effect but also promotes blood circulation, contributing to a revitalizing experience. The smooth surface of the brush is gentle on the skin, assuring safety and no side effects.
Innovatively constructed with an internal hollow design, this brush can hold up to 80ml of body wash liquid, providing continuous use for an entire week when filled. The brush’s durable and springback properties ensure long-lasting performance, making it a reliable addition to your bath routine.
Experience the luxury of our Silicone Bath Body Brush, an exfoliating scrub brush with an integrated soap dispenser, an ultra-soft bath sponge, and a body massager all in one. Perfect for babies as well, this versatile brush offers the added convenience of a shampoo and gel dispenser, making it an essential tool for a pampering and efficient shower or bath. Elevate your self-care routine with this exceptional and quality bathing accessory.
What’s in the box: 2 x Massage Bath Brushes
Weight: 0.4
SKU: 190713055998


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