X8 Multifunctional Portable 1000W Solar LED Street Light High-Quality Rechargeable Off-Grid Private Lighting Solution


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Short Description:
Type: Solar LED Light
Origin: China
Model: X8
Color: Yellow
Material: ABS
Size: 21 x 17cm (approx)
LED Power: 1000W
Charging: Solar and USB
Battery Type: 18650 Polymer Battery
Power Capacity: 12500mAh
Control Mode: Key Switch
Modes: 5
Waterproof: IP66
Glass: Tempered Glass Protection
Charging Time: 6-7 hours
Working Time: 10-15 hours
Quantity: 1 Pc
Product Description:
Experience ultimate reliability with our IP66 Water-Proof Lightning Protection Solar Light. This cutting-edge device features an enhanced waterproof performance through encryption, utilizing a rubber waterproof plug for added durability. Its robust design ensures normal functionality even in adverse weather conditions.
Illuminate your surroundings with high brightness and long-range lighting capability. The advanced High Power Irradiation system provides a handy outdoor solution with an extended illumination range. The built-in Type-C USB charging option transforms this solar light into an emergency mobile power source, compatible with computers, power banks, USB sockets, and car chargers.
Equipped with a polycrystalline silicon panel, the light boasts an intelligent light-up display and magnet adsorption for convenient use. Choose from 5 different modes, including white light, warm light, warm white light, half-warm white light, and a red-blue strobe light, catering to various lighting preferences and emergencies.
Perfect for camping, basements, garages, and emergency lighting, this solar light offers versatility and functionality. The tempered glass, 180-degree adjustable holder, hidden hooks, and Brightness SMD LED Chip enhance its usability and durability.
Whether you need emergency shelter lighting or a reliable power supply during critical times, this solar light delivers. Its long-lasting light effect, uniform illumination, lightweight design, and domestic waterproof feature make it an ideal choice for various applications. Invest in the best for your lighting needs.
What’s in the box: 1 x Light, 1 x Cable
Weight: 0.8
SKU: 240122102007


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